Follow Focus Gears & Pro Mist Filter

Welcome to our new US Onlinestore

Focus Gears & Pro Mist Filter now available in the US

On our German-based online store,, we first began selling Focus Gears for any lenses four years ago. We finally opened our US online store as more and more US consumers began placing orders through our EU store. Therefore, you will receive quick shipment from Texas along with a US invoice. There will be additional items for filmmakers and photographers in the future; for now, we sell Focus Gears and Pro Mist Filters.

Follow Focus Gears for any lens

โœ“ Fast set up โœ“ compatible with any Mod 0.8 Follow Focus or wireless focus โœ“ lifetime warranty

Afordable Pro Mist Filter

Compared to the far more expensive Tiffen Pro Mist Filter, our pro mist filter is a really decent substitute.